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About The AB Factory Cagliari

The AB Factory goes beyond the canonical art gallery, it is a creative space open to comparison, to the support of culture, art, artists and creativity, which is dedicated to exploration, research and artistic experimentation.

The AB Factory, whose name pays tribute to the famous “Silver Factory” by Andy Warhol, finds its headquarters in Italy, more precisely in Cagliari in Via Alagon 29, a beautiful city located in the middle of the Mediterranean on the island of Sardinia, strategic meeting point of European millennial cultures and traditions…

The AB Factory supports art and artists, offering a multifunctional space for the creation, promotion and diffusion of a sustainable art, thanks to its gallery activity, creative space and print house dedicated to artists, collectors and all art lovers.


The AB Gallery with more than 50 linear meters of exhibition, supports the promotion and enhancement of contemporary artists, emerging and established, with a constant commitment in the research and dissemination of a philosophy of accessible art (ed. Affordable art) and artist multiples as a getaway for an art truly for everyone.


The Creative Space embodies the spirit of sharing and confrontation of the Factory, a space wrapped by the gallery’s paintings, which hosts events, exhibitions, workshops, painting and photography courses, temporary stores, meetings with artists and many other cultural initiatives, addressed to adults and children.


The Print House is the atelier for the creation of artworks and artist multiples, an artistic laboratory equipped for screen printing, engraving, digital printing, drawing, painting, video graphics and photography. A forge where the artists, supported by a team of expert craftsmen and designers, can experiment and continue in their research and artistic production.

The AB Factory awaits you

The AB Factory listens to everyone and is happy to deal with everyone, young people, artists, collectors but especially with those who love art as we do.
Inside you can find artworks, Limited Editions Art Backers, Art Multiples, Design objects, Publishing and  Art Gift ideas.
The art gallery is open to all with free admission, from Monday to Saturday, in Via Alagon 29 in Cagliari.

Support art, Support artists


Andrea Casciu
Caterina Quartana
Cédric Dasesson
Federico Carta “Crisa”
Federico Clapis
Geometric Bang
Giorgio”Jorghe” Casu
La Fille Bertha
Luigi Ninni Corda
Manu Invisible
Milena Emme
Paola Falconi
Simone Fugazzotto


Joan Mirò
Renato Guttuso
Mimmo Rotella
Fernadez Arman
Getulio Alviani
Piero Dorazio
Marco Lodola
Shepard Fairey “OBEY”
Mr Brainwash
Cleon Peterson
Pablo Betti


Arias Eyewear
BAM Design
Caterina Quartana Textile Designer
OTQ Design

Limited Editions

Fine ART