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#CQVernissage Via Einaudi 14 Cagliari The AB Gallery & Caterina Quartana

The AB Gallery and Caterina Quartana Textile Designer are happy to inaugurate in Cagliari, a new frontier for art, fabrics, design and furniture.

A unique and multifaceted space comes to life in Via Luigi Einaudi 14 in Cagliari, interpreted as an art gallery, concept store, artistic craftsman’s workshop and a place for beauty and culture, where the well-known gallery opens its third seat on a permanent basis. the talented textile designer studio and shop dedicated to its precious fabrics.

The opening exhibition, entitled “#CQ”, Caterina Quartana presents her latest works as the result of a search for “infinite monochromatic graphic form” that has long involved her with exciting, modern, light and innovative results.

The weaving of the textile designer is art that intertwines with the frenzy of the contemporary, giving subtle textures of stories through shapes and colors.

The #VERNISSAGE of the exhibition and the space will take place on May 05, starting at 19.00, in Via Luigi Einaudi 14 in Cagliari, with the presence of the artist Caterina Quartana.

The chef’s Alessandro Taras live cooking show will not be missing, the wine testing of Argiolas Winery together with the musical selection of NostalChic and the reportage of Pala & Varioli Wedding Photography.

In this great opening night will be present the artists and the Limited Editions of Art Backers, such as Manu InvisibleLa Fille BerthaAndrea CasciuSANTISSIMIGianluca Marjani MarrasCédric DasessonLuigi Ninni Corda , together with the designers Bam DesignArias eyewearOTQ Design and more…


Admission will be FREE, however, as for other occasions a substantial participation, entry will take place in a privileged way to the members of the cultural association The AB Factory, and to those who will register for FREE at the following link:


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The AB Factory continues its activity in Cagliari in Via Alagon 29 with the usual timetable.
The art gallery continues the artistic research, training and printing of artists, even in close collaboration with the new The AB Gallery offices

Caterina Quartana Textile Designer with its #CQ fabrics, it will be present not only in the new headquarters / permanent laboratory in via Einaudi 14, but also at the following locations:

#CQ Shop – Via Dei Carroz 29 – Cagliari next to Cannavera arredamenti

The AB Factory – Via Alagon 29 – Cagliari

Tessuti Quartana – Via G. Matteotti, 18 – Senorbì



The exhibition entitled “#CQ”, Caterina Quartana presents her latest works as the result of a search for “infinite monochromatic graphic form” that has been involved for some time with exciting, modern, light and innovative results.

Caterina Quartana is an infinite journey that seems to pay homage to the perhaps unrepeatable commitment of the great Italian designers of the ’60s and’ 70s and of the artists of geometric abstractionism like Mimmo Rotella, sinking the research into the roots even more far away from artists like Ernst Paul Klee, master of metric sequences of shapes and calligraphy.

The paintings, fabrics and wools of Caterina Quartana are perfectly connatural with the shape, the net and sequenced design takes extraordinarily volume and chiaroscuro like the wool just carded and creatively knotted in a story.

The title of the exhibition “#CQ” is prodigiously significant, the hashtag “represents indeed, very well, the true hallmark of the contemporaneity of this universal research present in the works of Caterina Quartana.

Roberto Concas – President of the cultural association The AB Factory

Via Einaudi 14, Caterina Quartana, The AB Factory, The AB Gallery


Originally from Sardinia, it has grown with a love for art and textile design.

The experience as a textile designer began in 2003 when he began his studies in “Textile Design” in Florence, a path that allows him to mature his unique style.

The sophisticated and unique aesthetics of Caterina Quartana is based on solid principles of design and craftsmanship, where the emotion of creativity finds its place. From painting to weaving, with manual looms, its fabrics evoke ancient tradition techniques thanks to the innovative reworking plot.

She transmits her passion on different collections, from home furnishing creations to fashion accessories and baby outfits. His fabrics speak of art, technique and originality.

Sources of inspiration are Sardinia, its culture full of stories and popular tales combined with travel around the world, which have influenced the designer’s style making it more and more defined.

Caterina Quartana realizes “tailor-made” creations due to the desire to experiment and realize new projects.


In the space of Via Einaudi 14, you will find the entire #CQ collection, along with a selection of home furnishings and accessories, fashion accessories and tailor-made services for curtains, upholstery and textile design for the home and office dedicated to individuals and professionals in the sector.

The precious fashion accessories for him and her, handmade with precious silks, cashmere and decorations.

The line of furnishing accessories to dress the house with an unmistakable style

Precious fabrics, for precious babies, with its line of accessories for babies and children

For the most demanding, tailored for the home and for fashion accessories, where creativity has no limit

Study, design and production of customized fabrics and furnishings

Study, design, realization and assembly of curtains, upholstery and coverings of furniture for individuals, hotels and offices.

The art that is told along a thread, including paintings, paintings and fabrics.


Caterina Quartana Textile Designer


Via Einaudi 14, Caterina Quartana, The AB Factory, The AB Gallery

The AB Gallery
contemporary art / limited editions / design / books

The AB Gallery is the first art gallery that supports art and artists, dedicated to art lovers and new collectors.

A new vision of art aimed at young people, and not only, “art lovers” who believe in a sustainable and accessible art for everyone between sociality, culture and collecting.

The AB Gallery offers a careful selection of works of art by contemporary and historic artists and photographers along with the exclusive Limited Editions of Art Backers flanked by sculptures and design works.

Via Luigi Einaudi 14 – Cagliari